in collaboration with Artform Architects - Shanghai, 2003

The northern part of the university campus is separated from the other part by the river and the railroad tracks. These boundaries are overcome with the proposed articulation. The proposal provides for a future expansion of the university area.

The building acts as a bridge and provides a connection between the part north of the railroad tracks and the river and the southern part.
The building contains the dining hall and student housing. The platform provides a view of the entire university campus.
The architecture of the building provides a variety of views and spatial relationships.

A generously landscaped sloping park provides access to the building on the north side. Towards the south, the building slopes down. On the roof of the center, water is continuously brought up from the river and flows back into the river via a water basin on the sloping glass roof. The water serves to cool the outer skin and provides a comfortable climate inside the building. Natural ventilation and lighting is provided by the central cone element connecting all floors.

Design concept, CAD & functional plans: Lia Röck, Masterplan: Office Artform

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