Architecture and Planning Office: Archipel Architects - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam),
Head of Architecture Department: Lia Röck, 2008
Client: CMC Saigon Technology & Solution Limited Company

Project data:
Site area - 8.000m2
Gross floor area - 40.000m2
Floors - 12
Buildable area - 40%, approx. 3,200m2

CMC is a company operating in high technology industries such as telecommunications and IT development, luxury services and software development.
An expansion of approximately 3,000 employees is planned for the next year.

An introverted space concept is proposed, as primarily research and teaching activities will take place in the new building. The center of the building will be a green recreation and outdoor area to balance computer work. All floors of the building are developed around this space, which provides natural lighting and ventilation for the classrooms. The corridor areas are recreation and lounge areas with direct connection to the outdoor area.

Design & managment: Lia Röck,
CAD-plans & visualisations: under guidance with Team Archipel

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