COMMUNITY CENTER - a new green quarter

Competition organizer: FuturArc Journal
Sponsor: BCI Asia Awards
Architectural and planning firm: CPG Consultant Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City,
Head of "Green Design & Planning Department": Lia Röck, 2011

The 1000R Project I "Living within our means" -.
Living within our means
The competition called for a building design of any kind that relies on resources within a 1000 kilometer radius of the project site, to be located in Asia or Australia.

Community center for the historic district of Hanoi.

Choice of site of 2,000m2 with special historical and cultural significance for Vietnam - Old Quarter of Hanoi, building structure: mostly three to five story houses, houses are in very poor condition and extremely dilapidated.

Local handicraft businesses and the urban population of Hanoi are to find a place of meeting and exchange in the community center. Traditional building methods and handicrafts are to be given a new appreciation. Conservation and sustainable renovation with local materials are to be re-established in the consciousness of the population. Huge "bamboo umbrellas" span and shade the area, which is designed as a green park. The lightweight structures can be quickly erected and dismantled at low cost.

Analysis of traditional construction methods in Vietnam
Analysis of handicraft enterprises in the surrounding area
climate and sun position analysis

Design concept, coordination & organisation: Lia Röck,
CAD-plans & visualisations: under guidance with Team CPG Vietnam

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