Green Inner Yards & Central Axis

in collaboration with Artform Architects - Shanghai, 2003

The approx. 60ha large area is to become the future subcenter of Taizhou. The project calls for mostly residential development with an infrastructure axis for commercial use and additional buildings for cultural use as well as for educational and sports facilities. Special emphasis is placed on sufficient green space and possible densification in the further future.

Contrary to the usual row development in this area, generous perimeter block developments were proposed with greened inner courtyards, which can be built on in small sections for densification in the further future. The infrastructure axis runs through the center of the area, along which the important administrative and cultural buildings as well as schools and a sports hall are located. Along this axis, the structure of the buildings and the routing of the paths result in exciting spatial situations and squares of different sizes. The natural and topographical conditions were largely taken into account. Existing watercourses were retained and integrated into the design.

Design concept & CAD-plans: Lia Röck

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