Studios Donaumarina

WOHNBAU DONAUMARINA - 1020 Vienna, "Viertel2".
Architects: Ganahl&Ifsits
Developer: BAI, project development and management: Lia Röck, 2014-2016

Project data:
Number of apartments: approx. 400, 2 building sites B1 + B2.
GFA: approx. 30.000m2
Building class VI up to 35m with kindergarten + store areas.

Compact, small yet well-designed apartment floor plans with outdoor space.
A maximum of common, open and green spaces.

Sensitive approach to residents by involving residents of the adjacent allotment area as well as the Israelite religious community through several information evenings.
Organization of an exhibition of the construction project as an information opportunity for interested parties.

METHOD - ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS (building structure, greening, wind & sound):
Due to the expected downdrafts from the building's own structure as well as from the future high-rise building on the opposite neighboring property, special greening was provided to break the expected downdrafts.
Special shading devices were provided due to the unfavorable wind conditions.
Due to the sound transmission from the subway supports to the ground and therefore the building, concrete diaphragm walls were proposed to prevent the transmission.

Photos & general plan: Lia Röck

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