Office Planning B.A.I.

Developer: BAI, Project management -
design, coordination & implementation: Lia Röck, 2013

The utilization & design concept was developed, coordinated and adapted in several meetings with the staff based on a design proposal.

The previous four office workstations in L-shape and brown wood look were replaced by five table units, each lined up linearly, of a 160x80cm table with 80x80cm standing table and an apothecary cabinet as a demarcation to the corridor.
The furniture was chosen in white to make the room appear lighter and therefore larger.
Along the entire length of the room along the windows runs a regulation system at 50cm height, which serves as storage for personal items per workstation.
The previous filing cabinets with sliding doors were replaced with floor-to-ceiling shelving systems along the long wall. The open structure avoids "file corpses" and also resulted in more storage space for documents as well as a clearer layout of the room.
Contemporary, ergonomic workstations with additional standing function offer the possibility of uncomplicated and short meetings both directly at the respective workstation through height-adjustable 80x80cm tables or simply at the standing table-high pharmacy cabinet.
As a balance to the mostly sitting activity, the new community table is offered as a standing table with standing aids.

Design concept & Photos: Lia Röck

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