Caritas, Magdas: interim use "Stephanushaus" - Ungargasse 38, 1030 Vienna
in collaboration with Geo Reisinger, 2020

The Stephanushaus, a former priest and guest house of the Archdiocese of Vienna in Ungargasse, opened in 1964, is to be transformed into the second "magdas" hotel from 2021. Until the end of 2020, there will be an interim use with Pop Up Bar and creative workers who could rent there at a reasonable price.

The installation was part of the "open house" day organized by magdas, where interested people were given a tour of the building.

The facade structure is led down, so to speak, as a surface to be re-described. This creates a connection with the house and the square with street in front of it.
Furniture found on site and the dark aisle situation are staged in connection with the schematic vision representation of the facade of the house. The future use is not thematized, but the special interior and urban qualities are symbolized.


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